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Sor Dominga Bocca

The organization was founded in the late 90’s and provides accommodation and support to girls aged 6 to 18 years. Some of the girls have difficult backgrounds. They have experienced traumas such as physical or sexual abuse within their families. To escape the abuse they have run away from home and ended up on the streets. Others have been abandoned by their families, who were too poor to provide for them.

These girls can find a new home at Sor Dominga Bocca. They can attend school and participate in a class appropriate to their own individual level of development. Those who have never been in school, can participate in a basic literacy class to prepare for entering school. In addition to this, staff at Sor Dominga Bocca try hard to work intensively with the girls’ families. The therapy available to girls at Sor Dominga Bocca should also support them in shaping their future lives.

One of the projects financed by ViaNiños is the snack bar, which started up in 2006. The girls prepare food which is sold in the snack bar. Through the project girls receive training in food preparation as well as business studies. ViaNiños covers the costs of running the programme including the teacher’s salary.